4 Surprising Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

January 16, 2023

Massage therapy isn’t just a fancy spa day – it actually has many medical advantages! While receiving a massage is certainly relaxing, research shows that massage therapy can also come with all kinds of health benefits. According to the AMTA, 88% of people surveyed believe that massage therapy is beneficial to overall health and wellness. Here are four health benefits of massage therapy that you may not know about.


Pain Relief

Massage therapy can be an effective way to relieve pain. According to the CDC, over 50 million Americans suffer from chronic and acute discomfort. Many people with neurological disorders, like arthritis and epilepsy, only find a short break from their pain by using over-the-counter medications. However, studies show that weekly massages can ease chronic aches, reduce seizure triggers, and actually improve the range of motion for those with joint problems.


Cancer Treatment

In addition to pain relief, massage therapy can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals coping with major medical conditions. For example, patients undergoing cancer treatment frequently experience harsh side effects like nausea and nerve issues from chemotherapy. Regular massages can offer much-needed support and comfort, making a big difference in a patient’s well-being.


Surgery Recovery

In general, surgery rehabilitation involves both physical therapy and the use of medications, some of which can be seriously addictive. Many people are turning away from using opioids and seeking more holistic alternatives, such as massage therapy, to manage pain during recovery. Research done by the AMTA shows that massage therapy used for post-operation recovery could actually reduce the number of opioid addictions by 100,000 people per year!


Mental Health

For people struggling with their mental health, massage therapy can make a huge difference in their lives. Massage therapy offers stress relief and can work as a centering technique for people suffering from chronic and seasonal depression. Weekly massages can regulate moods and improve sleep by resetting the body’s natural rhythms, leading to more energy in a person’s day-to-day life.

Massage therapy is so much more than just a luxury. A full body massage can provide more holistic benefits than many other treatments. From reducing stress and relieving aches and pains to improving sleep and mental health, the healing nature of massage is endless!

It is important to note that massage therapy is not meant to be a substitute for doctor-recommended procedures but can best act as a supplementary treatment for diverse health conditions. 



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