Mission and Philosophy

Our Mission

The Institute for Holistic Health trains health care professionals in the safe, effective, and ethical practice of Swedish and Eastern massage therapy. Our students will develop a truly holistic approach to the preservation and restoration of human health through the integration of coursework in human anatomy and physiology with western and eastern philosophies of therapy, coupled with extensive hands-on experience. Our graduates are qualified to sit for both New York State and national licensing exams (MBLEx).

A female massage therapist standing behind a male patient and massaging his back with both hands.

Our Philosophy

The Institute for Holistic Health is committed to the success of its students and graduates. This is accomplished by providing students with a strong scientific background in conjunction with extensive hands-on training. Students will graduate from the career training program with the knowledge necessary to pass the NYS Licensing Exam and/or national licensing exams (MBLEx) and with the understanding and application of soft tissue techniques to promote health and wellness. Eastern and Western approaches will be studied to ensure a holistic massage therapy education. 

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