Woman massaging other woman's hand


At The Institute for Holistic Health, we are committed to the success of our students and take pride in fostering a community of future massage therapists. Read what our students have to say…

When I first came to visit the school, I fell in love immediately with the vibe here. I knew I wanted to come here – no doubt whatsoever, and that was it… The teachers are amazing. They really are. They are all very different, but they’ve all been really helpful, and I’m so grateful because I’ve learned so much.”

– Tammy, Full-time Student

There’s a lot of different age groups, a lot of people come from different places in their life. We all have a common goal, and it’s being met here… All of the teachers really care about their students. They really want you to be the best massage therapist you can be.”

– Alexis, Part-time Student

Everyone here has such pride in their craft. They will go out of their way to teach you something. Even the students – everyone helps each other out.”

– Don, Full-time Student

My favorite part of the program is working on each other. We are actually massaging each other – it’s more than just opening a textbook!”

– Monica, Full-time Student

I feel like this program is well structured. They are very detailed in giving you everything you need to know… There’s a lot of space for learning in a different way that’s not like sitting in a classroom all day.”

– Esther, Part-time Student

I like the program, and I love the people here more than anything. They are what makes the school great.”

– Berenice, Full-time Student

The course material blends together and flows beautifully, so as you’re learning one thing in one class you are incorporating it into the next… I tell everyone about this – the program is great, everyone here is wonderful, and it’s all good.”

– Becca, Full-time Student

I would definitely recommend the program to someone else because the teachers really actually care.”

– Antwone, Part-time Student

I travel 2 hours each way to come here, twice a week. I love everything about the school, and the 2-hour drive is really worth it for me… My experience has been great. Everyone has been professional, friendly, willing to help… I love the program, the interactions, the hands-on training, and getting to know the muscles and the bones.”

– Kathleen, Part-time Student