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Choose a path that changes lives.

Are you in the healthcare field? Looking for a low-stress change?

Massage therapy is recognized as an important companion to traditional medical practices. Train to be a massage therapist and help heal others in a holistic way!


“I enrolled in this program because I wanted to help people and learn more about their bodies and a different way of healing.”

-Monica, Full-time Student

Education for the body, mind and spirit.


The Institute for Holistic Health is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley, New York. We offer a New York State-approved massage therapy program that leads to professional licensure.

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James’ Journey to Becoming a Massage Therapist

James always knew he wanted to be in the medical field so he could make a positive impact and help heal others. He initially followed a path in nursing, but it wasn’t long before the long hours and stressful environment began to take their toll on his own health. James began researching alternative healthcare careers, and he discovered massage therapy as a possible option. He quickly enrolled in a massage therapy training program, which offered affordable tuition and the ability to complete the course in as little as a year. After passing his board exams, James now enjoys helping to heal others while working in a low-stress environment with a flexible schedule. He only wishes he had discovered massage therapy sooner!


While in our program, students will be trained in the practice of Swedish and Eastern massage therapy. Our students will develop a truly holistic approach to the preservation and restoration of human health through an integration of coursework in human anatomy and physiology.

Our graduates are qualified to sit for both the New York State and national licensing exams (MBLEx).

Easy Application Process

Full and Part-time School Schedules

Affordable Tuition

Hands-on Education and Training

Experienced Faculty

New York State Approved Program

Become a Massage Therapist, and LOVE What You Do Every Single Day.


If you are looking for a low-stress way to help heal others, this is the perfect opportunity. The Institute for Holistic Health can prepare you to become a licensed massage therapist in as little as a year. Enjoy flexible hours and good pay in a growing industry.

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“By learning massage therapy, I feel satisfaction because I’m helping someone have a better quality of life.”

-Geoff, Part-time Student

Opportunities for Massage Therapists

Clinical Setting

Massage therapists who work in a clinical setting are focused on the functional outcomes and healing of patients, and they often work alongside physical therapists and other medical professionals.

Private Practice

Massage therapists have the ability to start their own private practices where they engage with clients on their own terms.

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National Massage Franchise Locations

Massage therapists practicing for franchise locations have the ability to build a strong and steady customer base.


Sports Setting

Many professional teams hire massage therapists to improve the performance of their athletes.


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Spas & Resorts

Massage therapists who choose to practice at a destination spa or resort have the opportunity to work at some of the most beautiful places in the world.


Cruise Ships

Cruise ships employ many massage therapists – and you get to travel while you work!


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