How to transfer your massage license to New York State

September 2, 2022

Are you a massage therapist planning on moving to New York State? This state is inviting and progressive, not to mention beautiful year-round. In addition to a desirable lifestyle, New York State also offers many career opportunities for licensed massage therapists. From massaging at a spa or resort, working in a clinical setting, or having your own private practice, massage therapists will be able to find a job quickly once they become licensed in New York State. 


Steps to acquiring a New York massage therapist license 


Although your driver’s license is valid when you move to a new state, your massage license is not. Your state license does not allow you to practice massage freely outside of the state where it was issued, even if you are board certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). If you are planning on moving and becoming a licensed massage therapist in New York, there are a few required steps to start practicing.


1. You will first need to submit a completed application for licensure along with the appropriate fee.


2. Once you have submitted this, New York State will issue what is called a deficiency letter. This letter will outline how many hours you will need to complete and in which courses.


3. Now it is time to find a program that can accommodate deficiency letter students.The Institute for Holistic Health has a growing number of transfer students in our program, and we are happy to discuss your requirements and how our program can work for you.


4. After completing the required hours, you are then eligible to sit for the New York State massage therapy licensing exam. The department will also determine that you are in good standing as a licensee in each state you have practiced and that you are of good moral character


Following the steps outlined in the process will allow you to begin practicing massage therapy in New York. The massage program at The Institute for Holistic Health is registered with the New York State Education Department and is excited to guide you through this process. Welcome home!






About The Institute for Holistic Health 

Our massage therapy program provides students extensive hands-on training in Swedish and Eastern massage therapy, encompassing a scientific background and a holistic approach to preserving and restoring human health. If you are interested in applying to the Institute or inquire about transferring your massage license to New York State, contact us at

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