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Start a career that changes lives

Not sure what the future holds? Is the traditional college route not for you?

If the typical 9-5 job does not appeal to you, here is a unique opportunity to help others while in a fairly low-stress career. Become a massage therapist and have a flexible and rewarding profession in as little as one year.


Education for the body, mind and spirit.


At The Institute for Holistic Health, we offer a New York State approved massage therapy program that leads to professional licensure. This profession provides flexible hours, good pay, security, and job satisfaction.

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While in the program, students will be trained in the practice of Swedish and Eastern massage therapy. Our students will develop a truly holistic approach to the preservation and restoration of human health through an integration of coursework in human anatomy and physiology.

Our graduates are qualified to sit for both the New York State and national licensing exams (MBLEx).

Flexible Hours

Hands-on Education and Training

Full and Part-time School Schedules

Growing Profession

Cost-Effective Tuition

Multiple Career Paths

Profession that Helps People

Become a Massage Therapist, and LOVE Going to Work Every Single Day.


If you are looking for a career with flexible hours, good pay, security, and job satisfaction, massage therapy just may be the career for you.

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How Melissa Knew Massage Therapy was the Right Career for Her

Feeling lost during her college journey, Melissa knew she wanted a rewarding and fulfilling career, but one that did not take years to complete. After researching potential career paths, Melissa stumbled upon massage therapy as an option. She enrolled in a massage therapy program, which was affordable and allowed her to continue to work while being trained. After completing the program, she was able to have a flexible, rewarding, and fun career.

A Variety of Employment Opportunities

Private Practice

Massage therapists have the ability to start their own private practices where they work on their own terms.

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Spas & Resorts

Massage therapists who choose to work at a destination spa or resort have the opportunity to work at some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Cruise Ships

Cruise ships employ many massage therapists – and you get to travel while you work!

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National Massage Franchise Locations

Massage therapists working for franchise locations have the ability to build a strong and steady customer base.

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Sports Setting

Many professional teams hire massage therapists to improve the performance of their athletes.


Clinical Setting

Massage therapists who work in a clinical setting are focused on the functional outcomes and healing of patients.

Are you ready to start a career that changes lives?


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Our program is registered by the New York State Education Department

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